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Flood of RMGT South Korea Orders With the virus now under control, the RMGT distributor for large format machines in South Korea, Sunil MS Co., has enjoyed a very lively end to 2020 and a bumper start to 2021, with an incredible SIX orders for RMGT 10 …

High-Quality Printing for Gypsum Products

Here in the US, it seems just about the interior of just about every house, apartment, and many other buildings is constructed of a product that has so many different names: drywall, plasterboard, wallboard, sheetrock, gypsum board, buster board, custard board (I’ve never seen this called custard board before, but I saw it on Wikipedia, so it must be right). […]


We’ve been awarded the internationally recognised ISO 14001:2015 certification for our Environmental Management System. Gaining ISO 14001 is a significant achievement for the Mercian Labels team, and it reinforces our commitment to being a sustainable and environmentally conscious manufacturing business. Karl Shilton, Quality Manager and the ISO 14001 representative said, “When a company commits to […]

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As part of their strategic mission to grow through acquisition, Mercian Labels are pleased to have acquired a portion of business from Computype Europe Ltd, who has re-strategised to focus on their core product lines for the European market. ‘As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive labels, we are constantly looking of ways […]

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As of March, 1st 2021, any UK seller offering hygiene and topical products through Amazon’s FBA programme will be required to use a suitable ‘Factory Seal’ on their packaging. According to Amazon’s seller guidelines, this is being introduced to demonstrate that the items purchased are brand new and in pristine condition, resulting in the customer […]

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Need Individual UPC GTIN Barcodes?

Over the years, one question I’m always asked is “how can I get single UPC barcodes, or get them in small quantities?” There hasn’t always been a good answer for this – the choice has been to invest in a GS1 company prefix (confusing to many people and can be expensive), or to buy UPC […]