Are You Selling A/B Testing?

I just wrote a case study on a great automated multi-channel marketing program based on MindFire’s Studio. The client is overwhelmed with leads and no longer wants its name being used because it doesn’t want its competitors to know the secrets because its success. The PSP is so busy managing the underlying strategy, creative, data management, and business logic, as well as content delivery, that it was unavailable for consultation during production of the study. That’s success!

As I was writing, I was given the privilege of seeing some of the background campaign development materials, and there were several components of the program that really stuck out to me.

  • Lead scoring model developed by the PSP
  • Development of “personas” used to drive segmentation and targeting
  • A/B testing (twice per month)

In this industry, we’re using to focusing on list selection, variables, multiple channels, and workflow, but those elements are so commonly discussed nowadays that we don’t pay them much mind. Every case study has them. But lead scoring, personas, and A/B testing? Those are topics that catch attention.  Their inclusion in the PSP’s proposal — and the client’s adoption of them — is a huge reason for the program’s success.

It’s time for PSPs to move beyond simple list purchases, variable selection, and demographic personalization. Adding leading scoring, persona development, and A/B testing is the next step towards being a true marketing partner if you aren’t already.

Don’t feel qualified to offer these capabilities? Fortunately, your 1:1 or integrated marketing software provider does. They have the expertise to help, so take advantage of it.


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