Are You Selling 1:1 Printing for Its Efficiency?

When we think about data-driven printing, we think about elevated response and conversion rates, we should not forget to promote its benefits for cost savings, as well. These savings can come in hard costs such as the ability to reduce postal costs through co-mingling and in soft costs such as labor reduction, reductions in calls to call centers, and improving cash flow.

I ran across the great case study from XMPie recently that talks about these “hidden” cost savers.

Time Magazine Europe wanted to increase subscriptions, and it also wanted to improve the customer experience when subscribing to the magazine. So it partnered with Latcham Direct (UK) to drive respondents to personalized URLs where they could sign up themselves.

Thirty percent of people responding to this campaigned used the personalized URLs.

When people responded using this channel, not only did this improve their customer experience over the impersonal, disconnected process of sending back forms by direct mail, but it helped Time’s bottom line in three ways:

  1. It reduced the costs for the manual input of subscriptions coming in from direct mail cards.
  2. Conversion rate for personalized URL responders was 75%, reducing the cost of follow-ups.
  3. Cash flow is improved since the subscriptions are processed more quickly and readers get into the system earlier.

To date, this campaign has reached more than 1.6 million people. Because the response rate via personalized URL was so high (30% of people responding), the cost savings reaped by the company were significant.

How could your clients use a similar model to reduce costs?

Personalized URLs were created in XMPie PersonalEffect and metrics were tracked by UProduce Marketing Console.

This labelling news was spotted at The Digital Nirvana
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